Fire Commissioner

The motto of the Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau is “Always ready, always there.” It is an honor to have been named Fire Commissioner by Mayor Hales so I can help continue and improve that record of excellence. While most people associate PF&R with putting out fires, their role is far greater: About 70% of calls are for medical emergency, not fires. In fact, our firefighters and paramedics are a significant and well-trained part of our health care system. As we enter a new world of health care through the Affordable Care Act, I want to find ways to utilize our capacity and to fit more seamlessly into the task of keeping our community healthy and safe. I also want to work with the Chief and our professional firefighters to strengthen our community outreach to prevent fires and accidents before they happen, including providing household inspections and school-based fire safety education.

I am also committed to making sure that we get the maximum value for the money we invest, such as our purchase of more efficient “quint trucks” and rapid response vehicles for medical calls.

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